OutDoor 2017

The EOG will run a full schedule of events during OutDoor 2017, which will run from 18th-21st June at Messe Friedrichshafen.

The following events are open for all qualified OutDoor visitors. You will need an entrance ticket, and further details are available here. Please note that the EOG does not provide entrance tickets to the show. 

All of these events will take place on the first floor at the East Entrance/Foyer East (more details here).

Although entry to the public events at OutDoor is on a first come first served basis, we recommend that you register here so we can monitor numbers. Please arrive in good time as we are unable to reserve seats.


Sunday 18th June 2017


13.00-14.00: EOG Market Research 

Speaker: Pauline Shepherd, European Outdoor Group   

Room: Paris/Berlin


Monday 19th June 2017


13:00-14:00: Microfibres - Research update and Current Findings

Speakers: Sophie Mather (Biov8tion), Mark Taylor (University of Leeds)

Room: Berlin


14:00-15:00: Solving Challenges and Adding Value through DNA-based Tracers

Speakers: Gediminas Mikutis (Haelixa)

Room: Berlin


15:00-16:00: Closing the Loop of PET Value Chain: De-polymerization by Microwaves

Speakers: Maurizio Crippa (gr3n)

Room: Berlin


16:00-17:00: Product Development to meet Sustainability Demands: Test Methods and Interpretation

Speakers: Tom Wright (University of Innsbruck – Institute for Textile Chemistry and Textile Physics)

Room: Berlin


Tuesday 20th June 2017


07:30-9:00: EOG Breakfast

Speakers: Nick Chiarelli (Foresight Factory), Marie-Noëlle Keijzer (WeForest)

Room: Paris/Berlin


10:00-11:00: Higg Brand Module Evaluation and Benchmarking

Speakers: Antje Fehling (Helly Hansen), Karin Ekberg (Leadership and Sustainability)

Room: Berlin


13:00-14:00: Global Consumer Trends & Shopping Behaviour

Speakers: Foresight Factory

Rooms: Paris


13:00-14:00: Supply Chain Communication 

Speakers: Mark Sumner (University of Leeds)

Room: Berlin


14:00-15:00: Empower the Supply Chain! CSR Supplier Trainings (-tier 2)

Speakers: Bettina Roth (Vaude)

Room: Berlin


15:00-16:00: Effective Collaboration in the Wool Supply Chain

Speakers: Verena Keller (Südwolle)

Room: Berlin


16:00-17:00: The ZDHC Chemical Gateway

Speakers: Graham Storrie (ZDHC), Ben Wilde (Adec Innovation)

Room: Berlin.