Apply to become a member

Thanks for your interest in joining the European Outdoor Group. As per the EOG Bylaws, membership applications are subject to approval by a formal membership committee that has the sole right to decide on whether or not to accept an application. We aim to complete the decision making process within 10 days. By applying for membership you agree:

  • To contribute to the EOG market research program (dependent on capability and more details here)
  • To support our efforts to ensure sustainable and responsible Industry behaviour
  • Not to undertake any activity that could be in conflict with anti-trust/competition legislation
  • To contribute to EOG projects by providing support for working groups where appropriate
  • To try to attend the two main EOG meetings that take place each year
  • General information

  • Nominated Contact Person & General Contact Information

  • Company's information

  • Please list organisations that your company is a member of:

  • CSR

  • Trade shows

  • Market research

  • Collective work for the greater good

  • Reference