As events continue to unfold around the world, it is clear that we cannot proceed with plans to hold an international trade show towards the end of June. Even if travel restrictions were to ease by June, the economic harm being caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is making it very difficult to justify budgets for such an event, and quite rightly, those working in our sector need to focus their attention and energy elsewhere. All of this we understand, and indeed it applies to us too. We have cancelled OutDoor by ISPO 2020 now, to remove any uncertainty and in order to give us the best chance of holding a good show in 2021.

We can all now concentrate on other immediate challenges, and those are significant. As everyone grapples with the acute issues that businesses are facing right now, we urge friends and colleagues to do all that they can to come to reasonable agreements in these difficult times – with their suppliers, retailers, service providers and other business partners. We know that everyone is trying to do the best for their own business, and that is important, but we should also make sure that as many companies as possible are still here when this crisis is over.

The EOG is here to work on behalf of our members and the wider industry. Our team will be getting in touch with colleagues in the sector over the coming days and weeks, to get a better overview of the main and most acute problems that individuals and businesses are trying to address. This will better inform our work on behalf of the sector across Europe, and help us define where we can provide support right now and in the near future.

Please continue to communicate with us and with other colleagues in the trade. The EOG was founded to facilitate collaboration on the biggest issues and challenges, and this has become the biggest of all that we have faced together. So, as much as we can, let’s continue to demonstrate that positive spirit of cooperation that has served us so well for so long.

You can read full details about the cancellation of OutDoor by ISPO 2020 HERE.