LATEST RETAIL TRENDS – What’s selling globally during COVID-19?

Sanitizer, sportswear and sweatpants. A data-backed analysis of 5 retail trends selling globally through the pandemic.

Retail website Edited has published a report on retail trends, and what is selling in the current circumstances. Interestingly, outdoor activities are predicted to be better appreciated by consumers post pandemic.

The report covers USA, UK, China, Italy, Spain, Germany and Australia and can be accessed using the link below.

With the world on lockdown, there’s been a notable shift in buying behavior as consumers prioritize comfort and essential products. Find out what items are selling well during this time.

Key takeaways

  • There are five essential themes that retailers and brands can count on to optimize product sell outs amid slower than usual trade due to COVID-19.
  • As the current state of the economy mirrors similarities to the 2008 global recession, bank on promoting essential items as consumers hold back on spending heavily on products that are deemed excessive.
  • With people anxious to celebrate and socialize in a post-lockdown world, don’t over discount going-out assortments, especially products lending themselves to Fall 2020 trends.


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