European Outdoor Group appoints Arne Strate as General Secretary

The European Outdoor Group (EOG) has appointed Arne Strate as its new General Secretary.  Currently Head of Marketing and Business Development, Strate will succeed Mark Held in the role on 1 January 2019.

The appointment of Arne Strate as EOG General Secretary has been made following a long and rigorous recruitment process that began 12 months ago.  The EOG considered applicants from a wide range of backgrounds, and from within and outside the outdoor industry.  A recruitment panel consisting of Mark Held, EOG President John Jansen and EOG board member Antje von Dewitz assessed, shortlisted and interviewed candidates, after which Strate was offered the job.

Arne Strate has been appointed EOG General Secretary

Arne Strate, 42, joined the EOG in January 2016 and quickly established himself in the executive team, leading on key projects such as the process that led to the formation of the It’s Great Out There Coalition, extensive public affairs work, and managing the growth of the association’s membership and its expansion to embrace retailers, technology brands and, most recently, snowboard brand members.  As EOG General Secretary, Strate will lead the executive team, working closely with the EOG President, the EOG Board and association members.

Arne Strate comments on his new role: “I’ve been working with the EOG for three years now and I’ve really come to love the work that we do, which epitomises the wider willingness in the outdoor sector to work together in order to overcome challenges.  This appetite for collaboration is truly inspiring and I’ve never seen it happen to such an extent anywhere else.  I’ve witnessed it first hand in many projects in my time at the association and it is a vital characteristic of the EOG.

“I see the outdoor industry continuing to make progress along a road of success and if we carry on doing our best, cooperating with each other, doing our business right, taking care of nature and making sure that there are people active outdoors, the sector will thrive in the future.  I’m very much looking forward to working on some very important and dynamic projects with my colleagues, the EOG Board and members, the wider outdoor industry, and other stakeholders and partners across Europe.”

Outgoing EOG General Secretary Mark Held adds: “Since we made the announcement a year ago about my intention to step down, we have been very much focused on finding my successor and I am delighted that Arne has been appointed.  Through his other work for the EOG and throughout the recruitment process, he has clearly proven his capability to undertake the role and will bring a fresh perspective to the challenges that we face as an association and an industry.  It has been a privilege to undertake the role of EOG General Secretary for so many years, but I am not disappearing completely and will be providing support to Arne as he takes on his new responsibilities.”

Founded in 2003 by 19 brands, the EOG now has over 100 members, including core outdoor and snowboard brands, retailers, technology (component) brands and national associations.  The EOG offers a voice of authority for the outdoor industry and has gained a reputation for being progressive on issues such as CSR, sustainability, conservation (through the European Outdoor Conservation Association), public affairs, market research and business standards.  The association is also leading the industry in promoting participation in outdoor activities to citizens through the It’s Great Out There Coalition, is founder and organiser of the sector’s main annual conference, the European Outdoor Summit, and owns Europe’s leading outdoor summer trade show, OutDoor.  As General Secretary, Arne Strate will be involved in all of these areas, leading the EOG executive team and working closely with the EOG President and Board.