Save the date – 19th-20th September – Malmö, Sweden

The theme and programme for this year’s European Outdoor Summit are taking shape and booking for places at this key event on the calendar will open in due course. The theme of EOS will be ‘Outdoor Digital’ and the summit will explore a variety of interlinked issues and challenges facing a business sector that wants to remain progressive.

Outdoor Digital 

Technology in all forms has consistently outpaced our sector’s development during the last two decades and the pace of change is accelerating. Within the spectrum of impacts, there are winners, losers, laggards, and the blissfully unaware. We plan to look at what lies in the future from our industry’s perspective, and pinpoint the opportunities for transformation that can enhance differentiation and improve prospects for outdoor companies.

Could you spot a potentially disruptive technology in its early stages?  Would you be able to identify which of many new developments have the potential to impact your business?  How will you keep up to date and ensure the flow of useful intelligence?

We will explore some of the key topics that will help you answer these questions:

  • Ecosystems and the digital supply chain – partnerships and collaborations.
  • Talent in a digital world – ensuring that your HR strategy embraces and facilitates digital.
  • Transparency – how to ensure it, use it and defend it.
  • Enhanced outdoor experience – how technology can be used to encourage participation in outdoor activities among the younger generations.
  • The need to digitally transform supply chains – the dramatic improvements in their processes that organisations need to make, from improved automation to better collaboration, all enabled by technologies like supply chain visibility, big data analytics, and the cloud.
  • Embedded technologies – what is out there now and what is on the horizon in this fascinating and potentially game-changing product area?
  • Disruption to processes – as the consumer goes direct and does it faster, how should we adapt to remain relevant and fully connected to our end users?

For all of the latest news on EOS 2018, visit the summit website here.