We have developed a survey about the pathways of textile materials and garments at their ‘end of life’, and would appreciate feedback from those involved in the industry. The survey is being carried out to inform the DEMETO project, which is developing innovative microwave-based processes to enable the chemical recycling of PET, and which aims to offer those in the textile supply chain, plastic producers and waste recyclers a profitable way to treat plastic waste.

This survey is intended for completion by anyone with experience in the textile supply chain (brands, mills, suppliers, retailers) and aims to establish what happens to product and waste at its ‘end of life’ (including post-consumer, returns and excess stock), in order to gain insight into the collection of feedstock for innovative technologies such as this.

The survey is quick and easy to fill in and can be found here.

It closes on Friday 27th March – input from those working in the sector will be most appreciated.