The European Outdoor Group (EOG) has secured more international support for its Sustainability Charter.  Four national associations have confirmed their backing for the charter.  Joining almost 75% of the EOG’s membership, the Polish Outdoor Group (POG), the Dutch sporting goods industry association FGHS, Spanish sport association AFYDAD and the Russian Outdoor Group (ROG) are the latest organisations to adopt the Sustainability Charter’s commitment to pursue best practice in corporate citizenship, responsibility and sustainability.  In addition, every individual member of the Scandinavian Outdoor Group has also signed the charter.

Arne Strate, EOG General Secretary, comments: “The EOG Sustainability Charter is a core pillar of the work that we are doing on behalf of our members and the wider industry.  Following the path that is outlined in the charter demonstrates a genuine commitment to real and substantial action in the move towards a more sustainable and responsible industry.  The fact that the vast majority of EOG members have now agreed to support the charter highlights our sector’s determination to lead in this area, for its own sake and for society as a whole.  This support from four more key national associations is extremely welcome, as is the commitment from every member of the Scandinavian Outdoor Group.”

Piotr Turkot of the Polish Outdoor Group adds: “We sincerely hope that initiatives such as the EOG Sustainability Chapter will increase the awareness of both the business sector and end users with respect to sustainability, ecology and good business practices.  Even more so since they are also part of everyday business policies of all companies associated with the Polish Outdoor Group.  Therefore, we unanimously support this initiative.”

Piotr Turkot of the Polish Outdoor Group

Dirk Vinken of the FGHS comments: “Our members wholeheartedly share the vision that is outlined in the EOG Sustainability Charter and are committed to completing the stages of the journey that the document articulates.  This is a topic that affects everyone and it’s really important that leaders in the outdoor industry not only act, but also encourage others to take the same journey.  The charter is something of substance that is very visible, and which we can all get behind.”

Dirk Vinken of the FGHS

Alexey Grebtsov, chairman of the ROG board, comments: “The Russian Outdoor Group, certainly supports the EOG Sustainability Charter and will in every way contribute to its implementation.  We believe that this is a very important step in the development of the outdoor market.”

Alexey Grebtsov from the ROG

Marta Mercader of AFYDAD adds: “It is encouraging to see the outdoor sector taking a proactive lead on crucial issues like sustainability.  Like everywhere else, this subject has really come to the fore in Spain in recent years and AFYDAD looks forward to working with its members, the EOG, and the wider outdoor industry, to promote the Sustainability Charter and help individual companies to take the steps that are set down within its pages.”

Marta Mercader of AFYDAD

Launched in 2016, the EOG Sustainability Charter was developed by the association’s CSR and Sustainability Council, in partnership with key external stakeholder.  The project is being led by Dr. Jane Turnbull, EOG head of CSR and sustainability, and the charter reflects core values relating to conservation and responsible business practices that underpin the association’s work and which are shared by its members.  Full details about the charter, along with the document itself, are available on the EOG website here.

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