An exciting new role of Policy Officer has been created at the It’s Great Out There Coalition (www.itsgreatoutthere.com).

  • Based in Europe – Exact location flexible, easy access to Brussels and the European Commission essential.
  • Language – English plus at least one other European language
  • Salary bracket – €32,000 – €40,000 per annum.

We are an international non-profit organization with a mission to ‘Get Europe Active Outdoors!’.  We were founded by the European Outdoor Group, which represents the outdoor recreation industries throughout Europe.

Our core work is to motivate people from right across Europe to be active outside, with inspiring images, website, social media, competitions, news, information and by linking in our many outdoor gear member sites.

Then we activate the population with our own grants, giving money to small groups of young people and enabling them to fulfil their own projects.

Finally, we advocate for change, lobbying European Commission, raising the profile of Outdoor recreation as a solution to the physical inactivity crisis across Europe.

The Policy Officer will have an autonomous wide-ranging role, taking on the day to day general management of the coalition, working closely with the EOG and the volunteer board of directors. You will nominally report to the Secretary General but a good deal of self-management is required.

The Policy Officer will operate independently from home, travelling in Europe and from an office in Brussels, House of Sport.

Key responsibilities will include:

  • Day to day management of communications, working with the PR and marketing agencies and promoting our work will be central. Reviewing, developing, and implementing policies and strategies with the voluntary board of directors where you will have support from the EOG team
  • Assembling, interpreting and analysing information, briefing partners and other external organisations, providing regular updates to the Board and members
  • Working effectively with other stakeholders in the physical activity space
  • Finally, a large part of the role will be to build awareness in Brussels, European Commission, NGBs and NGOs of the importance of supporting physical activity for health.

Our mission is to leverage our own activity, grants and exposure to build awareness and ultimately political action to fund and grow outdoor recreation across Europe.

Key skills required include:

  • A self-starter, able to work independently and on the move
  • An excellent communicator with experience of writing copy, working with PR and marketing agencies
  • Experience of lobbying, influence and networking roles
  • Interest or experience in the area of Physical Activity for health
  • Social media, working in the cloud and the usual IT Skills.

Apply by email to Andrew Denton (andrew.denton@itsgreatoutthere.com), Secretary General, with a CV or LinkedIn profile, and a short letter expressing your interest.