The European Outdoor Group (EOG) works in support of the outdoor sector in the areas of CSR and sustainability. For many years, our industry has been proactive in its attitude to such issues and that is reflected in the approach of the EOG.

Activities and initiatives relating to CSR and sustainability form a core part of our programme and we continue to invest significant resources into them.  The EOG’s role is to support its membership and the wider industry by:

  • Providing the latest intelligence on issues in this area
  • Coordinating initiatives agreed as priorities by our members, partners and stakeholders
  • Facilitating and supporting appropriate projects that meet the sector’s shared aims and objectives around CSR and sustainability
  • Facilitating the creation and take up of industry wide standards across the outdoor sector.

The EOG does not make rules or directives in this area.  Instead, we encourage our members to define and decide on their position and actions in matters relating to CSR and sustainability, and we support their efforts through the above-mentioned means and measures.

Our work in this area is led by our CSR and Sustainability Manager Pamela Ravasio.

The EOG is keen to work with association members and partners across the outdoor community at large with an interest in CSR and sustainability issues. You can contact us on responsibility@europeanoutdoorgroup.com or +44 (0) 1539 727255.