Joint statement on microfibre release by the European Outdoor Group and Outdoor Industry Association

The European Outdoor Group (EOG), and the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), collectively representing over 1500 companies, recognise the outdoor industry’s potential contribution to microfibre pollution. We believe it is our responsibility to support and facilitate a unified effort among our member companies – as well as among other key industries and sectors, including the fashion industry, the textile industry, chemical manufacturers, the home appliance industry, and water treatment facilities –  to drive the collection of data that is necessary to better understand the sources and causes of microfibre release, and to implement appropriate solutions that are based on sound science.

As such, the global outdoor industry is working collaboratively to coordinate its actions on the microfibre shedding challenge, including its work with research and academic partners to gather the data needed to make more informed decisions about the fabrics and fibres being used to make products.

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