Building knowledge about PFCs

We have gathered the views of three different, independent experts in scientific or application-oriented fields related to the use of PFCs in the outdoor industry:

  • Philippa Hill, postgraduate researcher, School of Design, University of Leeds (UK)
  • Phil Patterson, private consultant, Colour Connections, (UK)
  • Stefan Posner, senior researcher, Swerea IVF (Sweden).

The resulting material does not constitute a particular position of the European Outdoor Group (EOG) or any of its members on the issue. Instead, it is the result of a fact finding mission with the primary aim of gathering and making available unbiased, third party, and independent knowledge. As a consequence, the insights are presented in unaltered and original wording, and opinions may vary in accordance to the experts’ point of view.

You can download the report in two forms:

  • Answers to all questions by each expert in turn here
  • Answers to each question in turn by all experts here.

If you have any questions about this material, or would like a copy of the question sets, please contact responsibility@europeanoutdoorgroup.com.