ISPO Munich 2020 Sustainability Material

Meet the players in the wool supply chain and improve sustainability and traceability aspects for your business

Monday 27th Jan, 14:00hrs – 16:00hrs

A number of key stakeholders in the wool supply chain (Lesley Prior of Tellenby Merino Stud, champion shearer Anna-Lise Humstad, CEO of Awex Mark Grave, Isak Staats – General Manager: Wool & Mohair, Bkb Ltd) offered an insight into the wool supply chain from farm to production, including the standards and technology that are changing the future of wool production. In today’s industry and especially when it comes to CSR and sustainability, so much depends on understanding the supply chains that materials pass through and during this talk they gave an insight into different parts of the wool production process.

Download the presentation and summary here.


EOG Industry Breakfast

Tuesday 28th Jan, 7:30hrs – 9:00hrs

The Industry Breakfast presents a way for the industry to think about how to successfully operate in the future. At ISPO, we showcased studies of how this can be achieved successfully, while enhancing your business as opposed to being an obstacle. During the event:

  • The Business Case for EOCA was presented by Perry Laukens (President of EOCA and Sales and Business Development Director for KEEN Footwear EMEA) and Julian Lings (Sustainability Manager for The North Face EMEA)
  • Benefits of Outdoor Sports for Society was presented by Dr Andreas Thomann (TU Münich)
  • Climate change and the effects on wool production was presented by Dalena White (Secretary General, IWTO).

Download the presentation and summary here.


Guiding businesses to embrace change and embark on their digital transformation journey

Tuesday 28th 9:00hrs – 10:00hrs

Lena Blume van Treeck discussed how technology and end to end digital solutions can disrupt conventional processes to bring sustainability, as well as improving supply chain efficiency and shared insight on the digital vision, overcoming barriers, and how openness drives a faster, more sustainable change.

Download the presentation and summary here.


Collaborating on social and labour issues

Tuesday 28th Jan, 12:00hrs – 13:00hrs

Holly Menezes presented an introduction to the Social Labour Convergence Programme (SLCP), a collaborative industry initiative intended to reduce audit fatigue and redirect the savings made towards improving social and labour conditions within their supply chain. Holly provided an overview of how the SLCP assessment and verification process works, and an update on roll-out to date and details of the 2020 roll-out schedule.

Download the presentation and summary here.


Why new circular business models like re-commerce and rentals will significantly change the outdoor industry

Tuesday 29th Jan, 13:00hrs – 14:00hrs

Benjamin Marias from AIR Coop presented how as an industry that has long advocated durability and repair-ability as two crucial components of sustainability and contributors towards a circular economy, the overall goal is still selling more products every season (even if they are long-lasting and repairable). He discussed how we could re-consider current business models and generate revenues without selling more and suggested that if we implemented systemic changes in the way we are doing business we could become fully circular.

Download the presentation and summary here.


Climate action panel

Tuesday 29th Jan, 14:00hrs – 16:00hrs

We are currently in a state of climate emergency and climate action is an area that should be without a doubt on the agendas of brands and retailers in the coming year. David Ekelund and Maria Munther from Icebug gave an introduction to the area presenting some of the terminology and relevant information and a case study from their climate positive brand of how they achieved this.

Owen Hewlett from Gold Standard provided a deeper-dive into the topic with information on driving ambitious change in supply chains in the form of new guidance and approaches to drive carbon removals and reduce emissions.

Download the presentation and summary here.