OutDoor 2016 sustainability material

Footwear Supply chain – What can workers’ surveys tell us? 

Wednesday 13th July, 15:00hrs – 16:00hrs

Cecilia Tiblad Berntsson from Elevate presented how workers’ surveys – run at scale – can offer unexpected yet very practical insights into the needs and requirements of footwear factory workers. She presented data from Chinese footwear factories among others, and outlined what can be learned from what the workers say relating to remediation work with factories.

Download the presentation here.


Leather: Introduction to supply chain – sustainability challenges and solutions in tanning

Thursday 14th July, 12:00hrs – 13:00hrs

Marta Fumei from the Italian tannery Dani explained how leather is manufactured and how different finishing techniques can be applied to differentiate various products used by all of us every day. The seminar also outlined the improvements that are being made in the tanning industry, where there is a new emphasis on sustainability and satisfying our current needs without compromising what is available for future generations.

Download the presentation here.


Footwear brand best practice – panel discussion

Thursday 14th July, 13:00hrs – 14:00hrs

Panelists: AKU, KEEN, Salomon, Aicad, Berghaus. Moderation: Luigi Grosso, SUBENCO (Euro Brand Management)

What examples of best practice approaches exist in footwear? For each brand the case is different. Siz case studies were presented and the participants discussed how they approached the challenge of implementing best practice in their supply chains.

Download the panelists’ introductory presentation here.


Chemical Management in the Footwear Supply chain

Thursday 14th July, 14:00hrs – 15:00hrs

Dr. Michael Knauer, speaking on behalf of the German Footwear Insitute’s chemicals working group (CADS) gave an overview of key chemical management issues in the footwear and leather supply chain. The presentation referenced the CADS RSL work, as well as the ‘The Guide for Leather Manufacturers. Recommendations on How to Avoid Chromium (VI) Formation’ that CADS has published.

Download the presentation here.


Unveiling the tools towards sustainable leather supply-chains (workshop)

Thursday 14th July, 15:00hrs – 16:00hrs

In this workshop Camille Rojot, Emilie Floch from Origem investigated the sustainability challenges in the leather supply chain. Specific focus areas were the breeding farm, the slaughter house, and product manufacturing.

Download the presentation here.


EOG Sustainability Breakfast

Friday 15th July, 08:00hrs – 09:00hrs

This year’s OutDoor Sustainability Breakfast focused on two innovation case studies in the area of sustainability in footwear. Chris Enlow from KEEN talked about the triangle of ‘Safe, Effective & Affordable’, the company’s supply chain sustainability guiding principle. Specific examples highlighted in the talk included: leather traceability, DWR non-PFC chemistry and non-biocide footwear odour management.

Download the presentation here.

Marta Fumei from the Italian tannery Dani talked about the company’s ‘Zero Impact Sustainable Leather’ and the efforts that went into the research and development process.

Download the presentation here.


Getting to transparency: Key milestones towards common language in supply chain and towards consumers

Friday 15th July, 12:30hrs – 13:30hrs

This presentation with a Q&A discussion featured Pascale Moreau and Veronique Tjon from the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). The session introduced the latest Higg Index developments and how brands can get the most of the tool to access concrete data required for successfully using CSR efforts in consumer communications.

Download the presentation here.


Impactful design: A designer’s tool to effective environmental design.

Friday 15th July, 13:30hrs – 14:30hrs

In this training presentation, mixed with a Q&A session, Pascale Moreau from the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, showed in what way a new Higg tool helps benchmark new footwear designs and products to pick the best sustainable material solutions and manufacturing processes. This is the foundation stone to ensure future solid ground for consumer product communication.

Download the presentation here.


Responsible Wool Standard – Launch Event

Friday 15th July, 15:00hrs – 16:00hrs

The Responsible Wool Standard is the first third party standard for wool that encompasses both animal welfare and land management criteria. In this launch event the standard was introduced to a wider audience, and key questions were answered.

Download the presentation here.