SPO 2014 Sustainability Breakfast

This year’s ISPO Sustainability Breakfast presentations focused on two material sourcing topics.

The first presentation was by Adam Mott, senior manager of sustainability, The North Face. Adam has been working for the last couple of years on a down standard which would address of both, animal welfare as well as the down’s chain of custody. The  ‘ Responsible Down Standard’ (RDS) was launched just ahead of ISPO, and has since been donated to the not-for-profit organisation Textile Exchange for further development.

Adam’s presentation gave an introduction to this new down traceability standard.

The second presentation was shared by Thomas Heinen, from the German tannery Lederfabrik Josef Heinen GmbH & Co KG, and Mike Redwood, an international leather consultant also involved with LeatherNaturally.

In their presentation the shed light onto the emerging issue of leather traceability, the currently existing solutions, e.g. by the Leather Working Group.

Responsible down standard
Traceability in the Leather Industry
Making leather under Terracare