Market research is one of the EOG’s core areas of activity.

Since its formation, the EOG has been committed to delivering an ongoing market research programme for the outdoor sector, providing timely data and analysis.

The objective is to deliver market intelligence and insight:

  • In line with the priorities of the EOG membership and other industry partners
  • In support of the overall development of the Outdoor sector.

This is achieved by:

  • Delivering robust and timely sales data  – The State of Trade & Retail Barometer
  • Developing wider research services to increase understanding of the market environment, retail and consumer dynamics
  • Partnering with trusted research providers to help deliver additional research services.

Our ground-breaking State of Trade project delivers extremely valuable market data about the outdoor industry every year across Europe focusing on outdoor products. This was the first main research project undertaken by the EOG, in response to a lack of data across Europe about the sector. Since then a number of additional projects have been implemented and the market research programme is headed up by Pauline Shepherd.