Process overview

  1. Register online 
    Companies register their contact details in the ‘apply online’ section of the website (click on the Market Research section of the website to access the ‘apply online’ tab).
  2. Verification
    The European Outdoor group (EOG) checks each applicant to verify relevance for the study. The EOG will advise each applicant and if approved the contact details are sent to the Notary (an independent third party Notary Public is assigned to the project to manage confidentiality).
  3. Secure system  
    The Notary supplies the USB key (Yubico) to participants to access the system and each key is unique to each user. Users register and then can start to input data. The company and user details on the site are always separated from inputted data. Only the Notary has access to the list that indicates which brand is behind a user.
  4. Data input
    Participants input wholesale sell-in figures for the previous year to the secure online platform. Figures are collected by sub-category, for each country, by season – Spring/Summer (S/S) and Autumn/Winter (A/W) – and by trade (wholesale, distributor or own retail).  Data collection starts in February and closes in April.
  5. Data analysis 
    The submitted data from all participants is saved anonymously to a server, to which the data expert (EOG and research partner) has access.  The data is quality checked and analysed. The inputted data is supplemented with a gap analysis to provide market estimation for non-participating brands and leading industry experts review the gap analysis.
  6. State of Trade report
    Participants access the report through the online platform. The report covers a three-year time period by season. Users can view an overall total for Europe and also look at the performance of each country by category and sub-category.