Covid-19 Retail and Manufacturing

The EOG team are in regular communication with members, work-groups, national associations and relevant authorities to share a range of information, guidance and research on supply chain issues during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

UPDATED: Guide to current European retail restrictions by country

14.05.2020 As governments seek to re-open the retail environment over the next weeks and months there is an array of advice out there. With advice varying across Europe and even within countries it is difficult for those businesses operating on many fronts to negotiate the regulations being provided. Here we will collate the latest country […]

EDITED: What’s selling globally during COVID-19?

11.05.2020 LATEST RETAIL TRENDS – What’s selling globally during COVID-19? Sanitizer, sportswear and sweatpants. A data-backed analysis of 5 retail trends selling globally through the pandemic. Retail website Edited has published a report on retail trends, and what is selling in the current circumstances. Interestingly, outdoor activities are predicted to be better appreciated by consumers post […]

Sustainable Apparel Coalition launches Covid-19 resource hub.

11.05.2020 SUSTAINABLE APPAREL COALITION LIST OF GLOBAL RESOURCES The Sustainable Apparel Coalition has gathered together credible global resources from across the industry on topics where guidance and support are needed most during the COVID-19 outbreak.

International Labour Organisation releases global Call to Action

01.05.2020 COVID-19: Action in the Global Garment Industry COVID-19: Action in the Global Garment Industry aims to catalyse action from across the global garment industry to support manufacturers to survive the economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and to protect garment workers’ income, health and employment. This global action also calls for work on sustainable […]

Fair Wear Foundation release Garment industry coalition statement

01.05.2020 Statement: Garment industry coalition lays out joint priorities for the garment sector A group of eleven organisations working on better labour conditions for garment workers has released a statement on responding responsibly to the Covid-19 crisis, calling on garment brands and governments for urgent action. They are deeply concerned about the livelihoods of millions […]

EOG Member ORTOVOX support retailers via direct website sales

05.04.20   ORTOVOX are supporting retailers by offering 25% of all purchases as a credit to the retailer selected by the consumer at point of purchase. As an extra incentive all customers will receive a free 120 Tec Headband with each order.  

FESI release findings of initial Covid19 impact survey

16.04.20   The FESI report: The sporting goods industry severely affected by the COVID-19 crisis: companies are in urgent need of liquidity and cash flow support according to the latest FESI survey  

Launch of #sportstays

10.04.20 The Association of German Sports Retailers has teamed up with ISPO to launch a campaign called #sportstays. The initiative is designed to convey the message that whatever is happening now, sport will always remain with us and with it all the motivation that sport gives us. The campaign is open for anyone to participate. […]

Cancellation of OutDoor by ISPO 2020

27.03.20 CANCELLATION OF OUTDOOR BY ISPO 2020 As events continue to unfold around the world, it is clear that we cannot proceed with plans to hold an international trade show towards the end of June. Even if travel restrictions were to ease by June, the economic harm being caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is making […]