#RB2.0 - The Retail Barometer 2.0

The European Outdoor Group runs an industry sales barometer, monitoring sell through data.  In summer 2017, we started the pilot of the #RB2.0 in cooperation with Hachmeister & Partner, in order to take the barometer to the next level.

#RB2.0 is a confidential survey, which is currently only open to EOG retail members.  The purpose of the barometer is to develop a measure of the turnover volume from the members, reflecting how sales are performing in the outdoor sector.  It will report on a range of key areas, allowing participants to benchmark their own business performance against the wider sector.

Once all processes are properly set, we will create a framework to open up the barometer to:

  • Brands with their own shops selling in Europe, and
  • Non-EOG members.

You can find more information about the project here.