Scandinavian Outdoor Group takes a lead and adopts EOG Sustainability Charter


The Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG) has announced that it has signed up to support the European Outdoor Group (EOG) Sustainability Charter.  The charter sets out an understanding of good corporate citizenship and responsibility and articulates stages and aspirations of a journey towards best practice.  It was unanimously agreed at the SOG’s recent annual meeting to adopt the Sustainability Charter and make pursuing the aspirations set out in the charter part of the membership criteria for the group’s 64 members.


Launched in 2016, the EOG Sustainability Charter was developed by the association’s CSR and Sustainability Council, in partnership with key external stakeholder.  The project was led by Dr. Pamela Ravasio, EOG head of CSR and sustainability, working with her colleague Dr. Katy Stevens.


Companies and other organisations that sign up to the voluntary charter do so to express support for the importance of the EOG’s work in sustainability, and to back the efforts and resources that are committed to that.  Signatories align themselves to a shared agenda at a senior level and commit to pursuing a more sustainable future for all.  Crucially, the EOG Sustainability Charter does not set out to be prescriptive, but provides a framework and articulates strategic stages on a journey towards key sustainability objectives for the outdoor sector.


The EOG’s CSR and sustainability team offers ongoing support to organisations that sign up to the Sustainability Charter, providing advice, insights and guidance that will help them complete each stage of the journey at their own pace.  The charter is fully aligned with other EOG projects, such as work in public affairs and to improve collaboration and transparency in the industry, for the benefit of all.


Pamela Ravasio comments: “We are delighted that the Scandinavian Outdoor Group has taken such a strong public lead by adopting the Sustainability Charter.  This sends a clear message to the industry about the importance of working collaboratively towards a more sustainable future, and signals that Scandinavian outdoor businesses are determined to do that.  Along with my colleagues at the EOG, I look forward to working closely with the SOG to secure a viable and sustainable future for our industry.”


Sara Wänseth, general secretary of the Scandinavian Outdoor Group, adds: “Our main ambition within the SOG is to work collaboratively, to get stronger together. A key focus strategy of today is to join forces to work towards a sustainable outdoor industry.  Together we can make a difference.”