The Sustainable Apparel Coalition has gathered together credible global resources from across the industry on topics where guidance and support are needed most during the COVID-19 outbreak.


The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) is dedicated to supporting brands, retailers, and manufacturers during the crisis… Collaboration is the heartbeat of the SAC, and positive partnerships are impossible without trust. Now, more than ever, these relationships and the values that underpin them are paramount. How we act now and partner together will determine whether we are able to move forward in achieving our vision of a more sustainable and equitable world when the crisis is over.

This webpage offers a snapshot of the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the apparel industry based on information provided by the SAC members who completed our survey. Thank you to those who participated. By collecting and sharing this information, we hope that organizations can learn from and support each other and that institutions in a position to support the industry can direct resources to those who are most in need.

We will continue to update the data from members and non-members in the coming weeks.


More information at apparelcoalition.org