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The European Outdoor Group is monitoring the constantly changing COVID-19 pandemic.

We are in regular contact with our membership, associates and authorities and will be collating all relevant information and news here.

Launch of #itsgreatoutthere micro-grants to help non-profit organisations get Europe active outdoors

The It’s Great Out There Coalition has announced details of a new round of #itsgreatoutthere grants, designed to fund projects by non-profit organisations that take new people into the outdoors. The coalition’s existing grants scheme has been adapted in the context of the major impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the non-profit sector. […]

Latest State of Trade results report outdoor industry growth in 2019

14.07.20 We have released the latest results from our State of Trade research project, marking a decade of the industry leading report. Results for 2019 show that the wholesale market for the year was worth €5.82bn*, representing an increase of 0.5% in value and 2.3% in volume compared to the previous year. The report covers […]

Change management in retail

03.07.20 In this article, EOG Head of Retail Peter Ottervanger, explores the challenging subject of managing change at retail, while retaining high performing staff and continuing to motivate and nurture them. In today’s new reality, we can see that there is a significant risk of losing the best performing staff members. In this short piece, […]

The EOG at the ISPO Re.Start Days

03.07.20 Our team was busy this week at the ISPO Re.Start Days, during which we led a workshop that covered some of the key issues that our industry is facing at the moment. Courtesy of ISPO, you can now read a report on that workshop HERE. If you want to discuss any of the topics […]

The future of retail

19.06.20 In this article, EOG Head of Retail Peter Ottervanger, looks at the longer term future of retail and urges a focus on adapting to key changing trends alongside immediate post-COVID actions. Why is the future so important, now that we are only just slowly getting out of the COVID-19 crisis and the focus is […]

New research reveals greater public appetite for outdoor activities after COVID

08.06.20 Today, we released details of new research which reveals that the appeal of outdoor activities has been boosted by enforced COVID-19 restrictions. In a survey of consumers in seven countries* – UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Sweden – 70% of respondents stated that they are specifically looking forward to participating in outdoor activities […]

Retail trends and sustainability – what to do as a retailer

12.06.20 In this article, EOG Head of Retail Peter Ottervanger shares his thoughts on some of the key issues relating to emerging retail trends around sustainability, and how they link to the accelerating digital age. The next consumer revolution has been fast tracked due to the Covid -19 crisis. Trend watchers have been indicating for […]

COVID-19 Impact Survey on outdoor businesses – Please complete by 8th June.

02.06.2020  We are conducting a survey about the impact of COVID-19 on outdoor businesses. We have taken our time to develop this piece of work, making sure to  have taken into account a broad range of feedback from members since February. The survey is confidential and an analysis of the results will be shared with those who participate.

European Outdoor Group urges authorities to do more to promote outdoor activities as COVID-19 restrictions ease

29.05.20 Today, we have issued a call to authorities across Europe to do more to support participation in outdoor activities as they ease restrictions following the COVID-19 pandemic. In an open letter to politicians, the media and the public, EOG president Mark Held has highlighted the positive role that the outdoor industry has played to […]

UPDATED: Guide to current European retail restrictions by country

14.05.2020 As governments seek to re-open the retail environment over the next weeks and months there is an array of advice out there. With advice varying across Europe and even within countries it is difficult for those businesses operating on many fronts to negotiate the regulations being provided. Here we will collate the latest country […]

UK: British Mountaineering Council release guidance on outdoor activities

13.05.2020 Can I start climbing and hill walking again? As lockdown evolves, access to the outdoors is now changing. However, crucially this is still different in England, Wales and Scotland. Our key message to climbers and hill walkers is to be cautious in your actions, respectful of local communities and extremely vigilant in avoiding transmitting […]

EDITED: What’s selling globally during COVID-19?

11.05.2020 LATEST RETAIL TRENDS – What’s selling globally during COVID-19? Sanitizer, sportswear and sweatpants. A data-backed analysis of 5 retail trends selling globally through the pandemic. Retail website Edited has published a report on retail trends, and what is selling in the current circumstances. Interestingly, outdoor activities are predicted to be better appreciated by consumers post […]

Sustainable Apparel Coalition launches Covid-19 resource hub.

11.05.2020 SUSTAINABLE APPAREL COALITION LIST OF GLOBAL RESOURCES The Sustainable Apparel Coalition has gathered together credible global resources from across the industry on topics where guidance and support are needed most during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Berghaus: The Hills will always be there with Sir Chris Bonnington.

  01.05.2020 The Hills will always be there. Berghaus has just posted a short film with Sir Chris Bonington, which includes clips of him sharing some of his thoughts and advice about dealing with the current situation. Sir Chris talks about the analogy of being stuck in a tent for an extended time during an […]

Nikwax show to clean disposable PPE masks and gowns more safely

01.05.2020 How to clean disposable masks and gowns more safely. Testing by Nikwax shows that disposable masks and gowns can be cleaned in a washing process whilst maintaining their functional qualities. The process can be rolled out quickly using existing cleaning facilities. Safely reusing disposable or single-use PPE could increase effective supply by 5 times […]

International Labour Organisation releases global Call to Action

01.05.2020 COVID-19: Action in the Global Garment Industry COVID-19: Action in the Global Garment Industry aims to catalyse action from across the global garment industry to support manufacturers to survive the economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and to protect garment workers’ income, health and employment. This global action also calls for work on sustainable […]

Fair Wear Foundation release Garment industry coalition statement

01.05.2020 Statement: Garment industry coalition lays out joint priorities for the garment sector A group of eleven organisations working on better labour conditions for garment workers has released a statement on responding responsibly to the Covid-19 crisis, calling on garment brands and governments for urgent action. They are deeply concerned about the livelihoods of millions […]

STATEMENT FROM THE EOG PRESIDENT – Outdoor industry cooperation during COVID-19 pandemic

25.04.20 EOG President Mark Held has published an open letter to the outdoor industry, calling for continued sustainable, ethical cooperation during the coronavirus outbreak, and outlining why that is important now, more than ever. You can read the letter in full below and download it in PDF form to share with your own colleagues and […]

Postponement of European Outdoor Summit

24.04.20 It is with regret that, due to the uncertain current situation with COVID-19, the European Outdoor Group (EOG) has taken the difficult decision to postpone the European Outdoor Summit (EOS) until 2021.  The summit will take place in Annecy, France, in the autumn, and the EOG is currently looking at suitable dates, which will […]

EOCA members to choose which projects will receive funding

22.04.20 The European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) has updated its members on plans to hold a vote that will determine which projects the association will support this spring. Despite the impact of COVID-19 on plans, the association is still committed to funding three initiatives this spring (rather than the usual five). On this occasion, a […]

La Sportiva delivers 55,000 masks after converting production line

22.04.20 After converting part of its production line to make laboratory coats and masks for the Protezione Civile (civil defence) of Trento, La Sportiva has completed manufacture of an initial batch of 55,000 masks. Read more HERE.

BMC feature on outdoor companies and their creative responses to COVID-19

22.04.20 Around the world, outdoor gear manufacturers are coming up with creative ways to help front-line workers deal with the coronavirus pandemic, from converting snorkels into ventilator parts to sewing masks and gowns. The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) has published a feature that highlights some great examples, which you can read HERE.

Quadriplegic Berghaus ambassador to ‘climb’ Mount Everest at home for charity

20.04.20 Ed Jackson, Berghaus ambassador and a quadriplegic former professional rugby player, will take on a home-based climbing challenge for charity this week. Ed will set out to scale the height of Mount Everest on his staircase, with a target of raising £10,000 for NHS affiliated charity Forever Friends, spinal cord research foundation Wings for […]

Osprey: Putting healthcare workers first and producing PPE.

20.04.20 EOG member Osprey have turned over their warranty and repair department to making PPE masks for healthcare workers. The masks have been specifically designed to handle multiple washings and be reusable, the team are producing 100 masks a day and distributing to their local health care providers around Cortez, CO. USA.

Arcteryx: From Alpha SSV to PPE

20.04.20 EOG member Arcteryx are using their Arc’one manufacturing facility in Vancouver, BC to produce PPE for their local healthcare providers. As well as producing PPE along with other local manufacturers they are also making patterns, design and tech specs widely available so that other manufacturers might do the same.

FESI release findings of initial Covid19 impact survey

16.04.20   The FESI report: The sporting goods industry severely affected by the COVID-19 crisis: companies are in urgent need of liquidity and cash flow support according to the latest FESI survey  

Columbia launches #TOUGHERTOGETHER campaign

15.04.20   EOG member Columbia Sportswear have launched a campaign on their Instagram channels promoting Columbia Sportswear customers to stay at home and use #toughertogether to connect and share outdoor adventures and plans during the Covid-19 epidemic.  

EOG Member ORTOVOX support retailers via direct website sales

05.04.20   ORTOVOX are supporting retailers by offering 25% of all purchases as a credit to the retailer selected by the consumer at point of purchase. As an extra incentive all customers will receive a free 120 Tec Headband with each order.  

EOG member Stormsure is helping the NHS

16.04.2020 EOG member Stormsure are helping the NHS in the UK by 3D printing facemasks. They are now asking their customers to support the scheme with donations for materials and shipping.  

It’s Great Out There Coalition launches #outdoorsathome campaign

03.04.20 It’s Great Out There Coalition launches #outdoorsathome campaign   The It’s Great Out There Coalition has unveiled a new initiative in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Working with its membership of some of the biggest outdoor companies in Europe, the coalition has launched #outdoorsathome as the latest phase of its #itsgreatoutthere project.

FESI ask EOG members to complete Covid-19 impact survey

03.04.2020 FESI Survey The Commission’s objective is to be able to accurately assess the impact of COVID-19 on our sector, in order to adopt the most appropriate support measures at European level. The results will be shared with all members.

An open letter from EOG President Mark Held

01.04.20 European Outdoor Group calls for industry unity during COVID-19 pandemic   The president of the European Outdoor Group (EOG) has issued an open letter to the outdoor industry, urging businesses to work together during the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to help as much of the sector as possible to ride out the crisis and […]

Cancellation of OutDoor by ISPO 2020

27.03.20 CANCELLATION OF OUTDOOR BY ISPO 2020 As events continue to unfold around the world, it is clear that we cannot proceed with plans to hold an international trade show towards the end of June. Even if travel restrictions were to ease by June, the economic harm being caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is making […]

Launch of #sportstays

10.04.20 The Association of German Sports Retailers has teamed up with ISPO to launch a campaign called #sportstays. The initiative is designed to convey the message that whatever is happening now, sport will always remain with us and with it all the motivation that sport gives us. The campaign is open for anyone to participate. […]